So you want to install LEDE on one of your devices.

The following preparation is recommended, before flashing LEDE firmware:
  • Don’t rush the installation, take your time. If something seems weird during installation, find answers first before continuing.
  • Have your device’s precise model name at hand (so you are able to select the correct LEDE firmware)
  • Have your devices’s documentation at hand, on how to flash new firmware
  • When installing and configuring LEDE on your Internet router, your Internet-access will obviously be offline for a few minutes. Please ensure that you have all required information offline or have backup Internet access at hand in this time.
If you have any questions
  • browse this (LEDE) site, especially the User Guide.
  • feel free to ask in the LEDE Forum.
  • you can also consult the OpenWRT wiki, as LEDE is based on OpenWrt. Both projects shares most operational and installation aspects and some content has not yet been migrated.

...and now let’s start by installing LEDE on your device.